A Quick Look at Google Cardboard

So, I’ve known about Google Cardboard for sometime and I have recently ordered a Freefly VR. However, it has taken a while for it to arrive due to the company releasing in batches overseas. I went ahead and got a temporary one to hold me over.. And WOW! Don’t be fooled by the name and material, the Google Cardboard one of the most innovative ideas I’ve ever seen. I know VR has been around for ages now, but the fact that you can make the Google Cardboard yourself, or purchase one on the cheap, is incredible!! not only that, it also works very well! The kids were immediately drawn to the demos portion of Google Cardboard, where you can fly around in places such as Chicago. I was more interested in apps like Jurassic VR where you can walk around in a dinosaur filled environment! I highly suggest you check it out. If you have a smartphone (Android or IOS) and a few dollars to invest with, you can’t go wrong! Link to Google Cardboard.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Look at Google Cardboard

  1. Krysten Tackett

    This sounds AWESOME Mr. Calvert! I’ll make sure to get my parents to check it out. I always did like seeing new places! I Will keep in touch!

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