Living a Dream…

This evening I have been thinking about my great times living out one of my dreams: Working at Walt Disney World. In 2003, my role was Character Greeter. One of the ┬ábest parts of the role was being able to work in all 4 theme parks. I take pride in knowing Walt Disney World inside and out, so it was the perfect role for me. I made many friends ho were full time cast members and some are still there today. It is a role I fit in to perfectly… I was very knowledgeable regarding the parks. As the years passed, I became very familiar with the resorts and many of the back roads on property. I currently am not a cast member, however the memories and experiences I had will be passed on to my children. Walt Disney World is truly a magical place. Even though I was one of the people working there, I believe the experience made it even more magical. Now it has become a dream that I would love to live all over again.



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  1. Ginger

    I think this would be a great experience! You will have to update us on the way to work part time there. I’m looking for a productive yet beneficial way to spend my summers.

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