Music Services Compared…

Right now, our family is subscribed to 3 online music streaming services: Slacker Radio, Spotify, and Google Play Music All Access. All three are used differently, but which service is the best? That is an answer that may be very tough to answer.

The Spotify music service has been the most responsive of the three, no matter what the quality settings that are selected in each service. Spotify is used primarily by my wife here at home, and I use it while at the school when I need some music for a game or listening exercises. The music selection is vast and it is very easy to discover new music.

Google Play Music All Access is my primary music service. I use it for my playlists and personal use while not traveling. The feature I like the most (which is free) is the ability to upload 50,000 tracks to stream! If you own music that is not available digitally or it is not available with All Access, this enables you to have your music available any time.

Slacker Radio is possibly the one I have been subscribed to the longest. I have however cancelled my subscription and then recently started paying again. Slacker Radio’s main feature is their radio stations. The music isn’t chosen by a computer, but rather by REAL people!! Slacker Radio also features ABC News stations and artist spotlights. The reason I pay the $3.99 a month is the ability to store the stations on my phone for when I may not have cell service. what is even better is that you can set the app to refresh your stations overnight, and have new music waiting for you each morning.

Each service serves a different purpose. While the services all feature radio, Slacker’s programming always seems to be more interesting than the other services and the ability to refresh each morning is great! Google Play Music’s music selection is top notch, and then having my personal music available and fully integrated with their music is a HUGE plus!! The speediness of Spotify and the social aspects of the service make it worthy to recommend. There are many more features of each services that I did not mention, so I recommend trying each service to see what fits your interests the best.

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