Summer of Cameras

Summer 2017 has turned into the summer of new cameras for our family. I have had a Sony dslr since 2011 when the twins were born. However, I have been turning more toward my cell phone camera because it is convenient and takes decent photos. I bring the dslr out occasionally, but more often than not, it remains in the bag in the closet.

As the kids have gotten older though, they tend to get in to many more things including the love of being in the water, so I needed a way to capture their wet and wild adventures. I researched for about a year (yes a very long time!!) and ended up purchasing a Sony fdr-x3000 action camera. A lot of people tend to go to the GoPro when purchasing an action cam, but for the same price, you can get a much better camera. With the Sony you get the BOSS feature… The BOSS feature is Balanced Optical Steady Shot. In other words, if you are running, or have shaky hands, the camera will automatically be able to reduce the shakiness without altering the picture quality. And it works!! Not to mention it also takes great photos, and can be used underwater with the included housing. We have used it on a number of occasions, and have enjoyed the video footage and photos it has produced this summer!

I also received a Samsung Gear 360 camera. The Gear 360 camera takes 360 degree photos and videos. I’ve used it to show places we have been and to take fun family photos. I have also given it to my children to run around with so we can eventually watch what their world was like when they were younger. You can also play with the images and video to come up with different effects, or change the way the video is presented. Here are two versions of the same video:


And here is a 360 degree photo that we took recently:


I have enjoyed having these cameras much more than I thought I would!! I will be bringing them on my future trips and activities with the kids, so that we will be able to enjoy the memories we created many years from now!!

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