The Best Way to Keep Your Family’s Photos Backed Up!

I’m a person who loves to take many pictures. I now take most of my pictures with my cell phone. Cell phone photo quality has come a long way in the years since I purchased my dslr, and now I rarely even get the dslr out because of having my cell phone in my pocket. Many people do this nowadays,¬†however they often either lose their photos, or let their phones fill up and complain about not having any space left on their devices (usually iPhone users). Enter Google Photos.

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Google Photos allows for backing up all of your photos and videos no matter where they are from. It can be installed on Android, ios, Windows (not phone), and Mac. Once installed, you are given the option to back up your photos in their original quality, or at a slightly reduced quality, which allows for unlimited backup!! I do not notice any real quality difference, and it is a great option to have when you need to backup all of your photos to make space for other memories! No need to purchase more iCloud space, or buy in to another service. Unlimited truly is unlimited. I have thousands of photos dating back to 2002 when I purchased my first digital camera. I also have uploaded scans of older family photos to keep them preserved. They are all safely stored away for me to view later on in the Google Photos app, or on the Google Photos website.

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Remember when I mentioned that you no longer really need to worry about free space on your phone? That is because once your photos are safely backed up into the cloud, Google Photos can automatically delete them from your device to free up space. On the iPhone and iPad, it can free up the space as well, but you have a couple extra steps to do. On your computers, you can set up Google Photos to automatically backup photos from a set of directories, so if you take many photos with a digital camera, they will be automatically uploaded after storing them in the previously chosen directories.

One of the other features that make the Google Photos service completely awesome is the Assistant. It automagically creates videos of sets of photos from around the same time or trip. It can also create stylized versions of photos, or create collages. This is all done automatically with no user input. After taking many photos, I get excited to see new photos and videos that have been created for me automatically. The best part is, I do not have to keep them, or if I want to take out a photo in a video slideshow that was created, I can do so within a few taps, or swipe them away.

Google Photos is my one stop for viewing and managing my photos. It also serves as the main way for me to share photos and albums with my family members, and I can go as far as letting them contribute and upload to a shared album. Google Photos is not my only back up, however. I also have my devices set to back up to Amazon’s cloud service. Amazon Prime members get free unlimited photo backup, but it does not include video. I do pay an extra $60 a year to back up my photos and videos, but it is worth it for the peace of mind. In addition, I can back up other types of files to Amazon’s cloud service. If you need photo backups though, give Google Photos a try, even if you have never used a Google service in the past. It is without a doubt the best and easiest photo backup service available today.

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